Hot Coffee Minus the Pot

Celia Kramer, Copy Editor

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Danny Grossfeld, founder of Hot Shot Coffee, is bringing a $14 billion idea to America: hot canned coffee.

This idea originating in Japan, Grossfeld discovered that it was a gold-mine waiting to be found. That was when he decided to bring it to the United States.

Japan has had hot coffee in a can for some time and Grossfeld credits them on the Hot Shot website.

“Hot canned coffee was invented in Japan…we knew the timing was right to introduce the concept to the U.S., but we quickly realized we couldn’t just copy the Japanese. Their coffee cans are smaller and weren’t hot enough, nor did they have insulating labels. And the taste profiles just didn’t fit what Americans liked. We spent years developing our beverages to suit American tastes and expectations for Hot Coffee.”

Hot Shot Coffee has two devices: the canned coffee and the “Hotbox”. The Hotbox is similar to a mini-fridge, except it keeps the coffee cans at 140 degrees each.

Many may assume that the cans would simply burn hands, but there is an insulated label claiming to “keep your coffee hot and your hands cool.”

The only downside to this amazing idea is the price. Currently, Hot Shot Coffee is not available to people in the U.S., but pre-order kits can be purchased at $69.99.

The price is quite high for coffee, but this includes a Hotbox and 12 cans of Hot Shot Coffee. Thinking about it, it’s just like purchasing a mini-fridge or a microwave- but for your special coffee.

The current flavors are: Black, Caramel (frappe), Espresso, French Vanilla, and Hot Chocolate. It is said that more flavors will be added in the future, those being: Cappuccino (categorized as gourmet), Green Tea (categorized as tea), Apple Cider (categorized as cider), Mint Chocolate Milk (categorized as dairy), Banana Crème (categorized as protein), and Lemon Lime (categorized as energy).

On Oct.30th, Grossfeld shared his Hot Shot Coffee with ABC Network’s Shark Tank, after which he received much attention.


More information can be found about the creation, purchasing, etc. of Hot Shot Drinks at:

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