Changing Entertainment

Madelyn Martinez, Staff

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In light of the recent Golden Globe Awards, it’s difficult not to notice the changes in what we watch on television. This year, every category (not cast/crew) besides one featured more than one nomination with a person of color in a lead or title role. Movies like Moonlight and shows like Atlanta showcase the potential that all medias have to include people of all types.

Compared to decades before, there are more opportunities for people of color and women in productions and shows with an increase in the diversity of actors on screen are becoming higher rated by viewers. Studies show that people are more interested in watching the lives of people that seem more realistic and relatable.

With the demographics becoming increasingly more diverse, Lobos in the La Joya theater department gain confidence to pursue that careers and hobbies in entertainment after high school. Senior Melrose Brown said, “I feel like it’s amazing because not only is it not like how it was 10 or 14 years ago, it’s way more involving.”

Brown has been interested in theater since she was young and wishes to continue her love of acting after graduation. “It’s not just one race anymore, and there’s more multi-raced people. It means anyone can do it.”

Another Senior, Julia Apodaca said, “I think it’s totally cool because anyone can do what they love doing.” Seeing a wide variety of actors become nominated and win awards is inspiring as both girls rehearse for the theater department’s upcoming play. ”

For young people interested in entertainment, the changes in the film and television industry is a sign of encouragement to continue on with whatever they aspire. Be sure to come out to the La Joya Performing Arts Center and see Mabelrose and Julia in John Patrick’s The Curious Savage Feb. 22, 23 and 24.