Lights. Camera. Action.


Photo by Jeff Thomas

Agnes Evans (played by SSU student actor Ashlyn Kelley) is a young woman who enters the gaming world of "Dungeons and Dragons" and takes on Tiamat, a five-headed dragon, in an effort to save her sister's soul. Photo by Jeff Thomas

Raymond Rendon, Staff

Katie Ludlow, theatre teacher here at La Joya Community High School, explains how she chooses the plays she produces and how she plans on furthering our theatre department. She was just “a lost soul in need of a place to do theatre”, and we are glad that she ended up here in Arizona.

This year there are two different plays and a musical that will run in our P.A.C. The first play is “Midsummer Night’s Dream” by William Shakespeare. The reason why she has chosen this play is because it is a “magical and rather hilarious play” of his.

The next is a random one called “She Kill’s Monsters” by Qui Nguyen, this play is a nerdy D&D based game with a big “girl-power” role in it. Ms. Ludlow describes it as “Filled with cheesy nerdiness, monsters, slow-motion sword fights and some rather witty dialogue.”.

The last but CERTAINLY not least is our biggest, best most magical musical put on in theatre… “Beauty and The Beast” the musical. This musical was chosen because it is both “magical and a classic”. This has always been a play that Ms. Ludlow has wanted to put on as a director.

The theatre department has come a long way but Ms. Ludlow has some pans on how to improve the performance and technical theatre. She wants to push the limits on the student to bring out their creativity with a variety of different plays this year. Beauty and The Beast the musical as Ms. Ludlow said “is going to be a beast” and we cannot wait to see how these plays to turn out this year.