Back into the dark

Don’t starve’s new update announced at 2018’s E3


Devon Gentile, Staff

As this popular yet dark and twisted fantasy based video game continues to entertain many, a new DLC  had arisen from it’s shadows.


 Don’t Starve is an extremely popular survival game from 2013 in which players take control of a character named Wilson, who has been transported to a world full of wilderness by a demon” said Neowin editor Usama Jawad.

Continuing on this very bizarre yet fascinating story of Don’t Starve is the DLC expansion of Hamlet, a supposed new twist to the franchise where the player can trade with NPC’s.

 A more goofy version of Indiana Jones but instead with the ‘Gentleman scientist’ Wilson P. Higgsbury, who can die very easily by anything hostile or due to poor management of the character’s hunger, health, and or sanity.

It was originally going to be released in June of 2018, however it will is expected to be released in December of the same year.

“We’re not quite where we want Hamlet to be yet so we’re moving out the date to December 2018. We’re sorry for the delay” said JoeW, one of the game’s developers and administrator’s for klei entertainment.

So if you, your family, or your friends, like these types of survival based fantasy games with pop culture references throughout the game’s dialogue, art style and music, then try out this new DLC soon.

“If you can understand an allegory mentioned throughout pop culture, then it means you’re well read, I should know,” said Ms. Gorgon La Joya Sophomore English teacher.