Lifetime Change

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Lifetime Change

Tamali'i Nua, Staff

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The majority of Pacific Islanders usually live on their homeland, when they were younger and as they grow up parents decide to move for example, from the mainland to Arizona, throughout the process of moving from their homelands to Arizona where they know nothing about. They face many problems like adapting to the weather, roads, and the way things work.  We have many Pacific Islanders around us without us even knowing. The hardest part about pacific islanders moving to the mainland is that they have to they have to learn how things work and sometimes change the way they talk because they have an “accent” that is hard to understand, but through time they learn how to adapt to their surroundings. Katelyn Viray, Senior at La Joya Community High School is Filipino, but although she didn’t grow up in the Philippines she did live in California for 10 years.

By: Raysen Palakiko

“Some hardships moving to Arizona was meeting new people. Back then I was always afraid of introducing myself to others because I would overthink and hate me” said Katelyn Viray Senior at La Joya. 

There are thousands of people who move from place to place at least once in their life but when it comes to islanders moving from their home land to the mainland its way more complicated than what others think. Although it may not seem like a big deal or much of a change its like you’re moving into a whole other environment you’ll have to adapt too. There are many hardships that come with moving for example like the atmosphere around you, climate changes,  and especially when you separate from all your family members. Living on an island compared to living in Arizona or any mainland is hard because you don’t feel that same connection as you would with any other pacific islander, you just feel like you don’t belong because you don’t look like others around you. Kealohalani kauhako-Viernes, Junior at La Joya Community High School lived in Oahu Honolulu Hawaii and grew up there then moved to Arizona after 11 years.

“My brothers and I had no time to say bye to family or friends so it was difficult for us to adjust to the change” Kealohalani Kauhako-Viernes, Junior at La Joya said.

Growing up and always being around certain people especially when it comes to family it makes it harder to leave. When you move from an area that you’ve only known your whole life. You think that you would feel happy your moving somewhere new so you could have new experiences but in actuality it just feels like your own world is crashing down because you’re leaving all the things that made you, you.

“It was a lot to get used to because the way they teach up here is completely different than back at my old high school. Even making friends was rough..” said Raysen Palakiko Sophomore at La Joya.