The Next Call Bo4

The Next Call Bo4

Isaac Taylor, Staff

The title Call of Duty doesn’t come cheap and each time they release a new game they try to top their last and thats exactly what they did with Call of Duty 4. It came out on October 12, 2018. Everyone that plays call of duty is wanting the chance to play it because of all the suspense surrounding the game.

I honestly really want to play the game because of everything I’ve seen about it “said Tyler Mitchell (Sophomore).

It has many different modes like the classic, multiplayer, and zombies. It also has two new modes called blackout and solo missions. In the game you play as specialists and you go through their background then, you play as each one throughout the whole their whole story and each specialist has a different story.

Nomad is my favorite specialist” said Martine Tapia (Senior).

This game doesn’t come without its dislikes. Some people are upset because they took campaign out and replaced it with the solo missions. This is because the solo missions is your playing the background of each specialist instead of they entire games story. Some people say that it is good but they still would rather have it as an extra mode.

” Solo missions mode is one of the best modes I have played but I still would rather have campaign” said Leroy Stevenson.

Black ops is a game of strategy and is all around fun but sometimes you have good games being discredited because of one tiny thing that people don’t like about the game. All in all Black Ops 4 is a good game.