5 Alternatives to Trick or Treating!


Halloween treats with white background

Deidra Platt, Staff

5 fun things to do on Halloween besides trick or treat!

Halloween is right around the corner Lobos, Even though many people do enjoy the thrill of Halloween not everyone likes or wants to celebrate it.

So many people ask the question, “well if I’m not going to trick or treat what other fun things can I do?” well I’m here to give options of what to do on Halloween night.

  1. Stay in and watch movies! Who needs to go out when you can stay in cuddle up and watch the best spooky or comical movies?
  2. Make your own treats! What goes great with a movie? Making your own treats, Sweets are the best way to go. Grab stuff to make cookies or candy apples, anything that satisfies your sweet tooth, and have a fun sweet-filled night.See the source image
  3. Board games! Why not join with your friends and family on a board game night, you could get into a challenging and intense game of sorry or monopoly
  4. Make crafts! Whether you want to make spooky Halloween crafts or normal crafts you can get your glue puff balls and glitter and get to crafting
  5. A themed dinner! Why not end your night out with a themed dinner whether it be Halloween themed or Just mystery-themed you can make up your own fun rules and have a nice and mysterious themed dinner with your friends and family

Do whatever satisfies you on your Halloween night, just make sure you stay hydrated and safe!