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Arizona Lowrider Super Show

Arizona Lowrider Super Show

Nicole Cuellar, Staff

November 19, 2019

GLENDALE- Arizona Lowrider Super Show isa big show that has been happening since 1980. The Arizona Lowrider Super Show has been something many people come from around to the world to either see or to place their very own vehicle in, or some come for the music. The people who run the Arizona Super Show gather differ...

Top Movies In 2018

Top Movies In 2018

Veronica Palomino, Staff

August 27, 2018

What new movies have you seen this year? Well, this year a lot of movies hit theaters and by that I mean they sold out on the first night they aired. Last time this happened was maybe a year ago but when the years past by people start to hype a lot of movies either if they're funny, scary, and dumb....

To All The Boys I’ve loved before

To All The Boys I've loved before

Daniela Medina

August 27, 2018

All social media has been talking about is the new movie, on Netflix called "To All the Boys I've Loved Before".  It is based on the book by Jenny Han. To All the Boys I've Loved Before is about a girl named Lara Jean and her love life. Every time she has a crush she writes a love letter to them. She n...

Movies that have Meaning

Pop corn with soda and movie shows
Via. Phobia Wiki Fandom

Alexus Marquez, Editor-in-chief

March 29, 2018

Many movies today are coming out that are changing the minds of the new generations and its in a good way. Movies such as Love, Simon and Midnight Sun are representing the thoughts and struggles many people go through. Love, Simon, formally known as Simon vs. the Homo Sapiens Agenda, is a book adapted int...

Ways to ask someone to Homecoming

Ways to ask someone to Homecoming

Daniela Medina, Staff

September 22, 2017

Homecoming is in two weeks. You want to ask someone to homecoming but, you don't know how. Well I'm here to help. There is a lot of different ways to ask someone to homecoming. These are the simple ones. You can make a poster saying "Will you go to homecoming with me?" But if you want to go all out....

Teen Lifeline

Teen Lifeline

Jazmine Page, Staff

February 2, 2017

Growing up is complicated, it’s difficult, it’s confusing and sometimes hard for adults to understand. Thousands upon thousands of teens are facing daily struggles from school, parents, relationships and peers. Have you ever felt like no one was there for you? Or did you ever feel empty? Well...

Love pets? Why Not Foster or Volunteer?

Love pets? Why Not Foster or Volunteer?

Brend Valadez Gonzalez, Staff

October 5, 2016

Many pet organizations offer people the chance to foster pets or even volunteer so that the animals can get all the love and attention they need and all you have to do is sign up. During a survey students were asked if they had the chance to foster or volunteer would they, the majority of them answering yes they would b...

Stop The Hate. Don’t Discriminate.

credit to www.24tsag.mn

Zoe Soto, Staff

October 1, 2016

Racial discrimination online has grown and nothing is being done about it. Of course, there's the choice to block people but what good will that do? Teachers, students and even children are affected by racial discrimination it is easy to do to someone else due to the advances in technology. In schools,...

|Sonnet 16|

Angel Castro (Michael Bentley), Guest Writer

January 8, 2016

More powerful then the touch of death, for when She passes by She stops my breath. As if She's an angel in disguise who arrived beyond the skies. Maybe the Devil himself whose beauty is nothing to describe, yet I feel no energy such a negative vibe. Take me to the place you are heading. Her hair blows w...

Connecting the Pack at La Joya Community High School