Valentine’s Day Gift Guide 101

Maryah Carrasco


Maryah Carrasco, Staff

Have you ever found yourself lost wondering what to get that special someone? Or just feeling unsure about your gift? Well no worries just keep on reading to get an idea of what to get. I feel that during Valentine’s Day many people stress over a gift when it really isn’t that hard. You can easily get a great simple gift for anyone without any stress.

Gift Idea 1:

Valentine’s day candy is very simple but still something you can easily give someone. During February candy is the main thing that can be found at many stores such as Walmart and Target at a small price. But, not only is it a simple gift to give that special someone there is actually some history behind candy on this holiday. Chocolate is said to contain  substance that inflames desire and make the beloved one more open to romance. So, why not give your special someone chocolates to earn their love. Whether it be heart lollipops, candy hearts, or chocolates I’m sure any special person in your life will enjoy and love to receive candy.

Gift Idea 2:

Is Valentine’s Day actually Valentine’s Day without flowers? You mainly see roses during this time for the reason being they represent love or romance. Flowers are always perfect to give anyone that either being mom, grandma, friends, family, or to that special someone in your life. Also remember that flowers for Valentine’s Day do not always have to be roses it can be someone’s favorite flowers or just nice flowers you picked out.

Gift Idea 3:

Desserts really need to become a popular gift to give someone on Valentine’s Day in my opinion. I know that I would love to receive any form of dessert on Valentine’s Day because who doesn’t like food. This gift is great for when it comes to options. For example you can get chocolate covered strawberries, cupcakes, cake, cake pops, and the list can go on and on. I know for a fact that any person would love to have any sweet.

Gift Idea 4:

During the day of love I feel that the most common gift you see is a stuffed animal. At this point it’s like a must to give a stuffed animal with a Valentine’s gift. So why not full fill this tradition of  stuffed animals? A stuffed animal is yet another very simple gift but that’s why its a good gift.

Gift Idea 5:

Valentine’s Day cards are such classic things to give. But even though many people go for cards I know any person would appreciate any card. Being able to read what others write in the card and keeping it forever is the best thing in the world. Cards is what Valentine’s Day is known for and it doesn’t even have to be a serious card. You can get a funny card, romantic, or sweet one. Cards are just one of those things during Valentine’s Day that you get happy for because receiving one meant someone thought about you. Gifting a card for Valentine’s Day is perfect and will for sure make someone smile.