Ways to ask someone to Homecoming


Daniela Medina , Staff

Homecoming is in two weeks. You want to ask someone to homecoming but, you don’t know how. Well I’m here to help. There is a lot of different ways to ask someone to homecoming. These are the simple ones.

You can make a poster saying “Will you go to homecoming with me?” But if you want to go all out. Then you must know the person you’re asking very well. I’m going to be honest if you really want a yes then you’re going to have to put a little bit of money into it. For example, buying them their favorite candy or snacks. It’s always nice to know that someone knows the little things about you. It helps a lot if you talk to the persons friends because they’ll know a lot about them. Gurleen kaur was asked to homecoming last Thursday.

“Find the person’s most favorite hobbies such as sports, and ask them either during that event, or incorporate elements from that hobby into your proposal.” Said Gurleen.

Her boyfriend asked her after her volleyball game and incorporated volleyball in the proposal.

For a guys perspective on how he would ask someone to homecoming. I asked Eli Cruz also a junior.

He said, “I would ask a girl to homecoming by making a sign put something corny on there, have a big surprise for her and have a lot of roses and whatever she likes.”

I hope these ideas helped some of you with asking someone to homecoming. Good Luck.