Leonardo Da Vinci’s True Self

Who is Leonardo da Vinci and why is he of great importance? Leonardo, a well know man of art isn’t exactly who everyone thinks he is, if he’s not who he really is then who is he?

Leonardo da Vinci, born April, 15 year of 1452 is best known for painting the Mona Lisa, and many other well known art pieces, but what else did he do? Leonardo was not only an expert at making art but also for inventing many well known things we know to this day.  Now a days,  there are more than a couple of people who do not know Leonardo for his inventions, many aren’t even aware who he is

Samantha Perez a sophomore at La Joya said, ” I did not know he made inventions”.

Some of Leonardo’s inventions and influences include… a parachute, self-propelled cart, scuba gear, armored car and quite a few more including the images shown.  Before Leonardo could come up with all these inventions he had to get some inspiration, but from where? Leonardo’s inspiration generated from his childhood, as a child Leonardo explored the outside world hence becoming interested in water, flight, and how things worked in general.  Leonardo’s main career was being an artist, but in his spare time he focused on his inventions. Leonardo isn’t well known for his inventions because he didn’t have time and the materials needed weren’t available.

www.zmescience.com said,  “Still, because his ideas were way ahead of his time, the technology was not able to sustain his ideas”.

Leonardo may have been ahead of his time but he did make a difference in our world, for the good and bad.