Keeping Up With Fashion Trends!


Karina Perez , Staff

AVONDALE- Who had the great idea of making clothes? Although the creation of clothing can never be pinpointed in time, historians can tell you that clothing finally came into mind with the earliest people dating back 500,000 years ago; clothing has evolved through time giving us what we have today: fashion.

The first civilization settlements date back thousands of years ago, where they used the natural environment to incorporate into clothing materials. Some examples of their clothing materials ranged from natural furs, animal skin, leaves, bones, and shells. Perhaps they didn’t have much to work with but still made it unique to their personal style.

As the world changes and evolves it is certain that the words “fashion trends” are sure to move with time with different materials. A quick timeline of fashion is sure to be significantly different from the other, or maybe not, during the 1500’s- 1600’s clothing stayed significantly similar; dresses were large and women wore wigs.

Credit: Alyssa Facemire

It would only be till the 1700’s when clothing would start its significant change, the shape of dresses grew smaller and the amount of cloth was decreased, women would also wear lighter materials. To decrease the size of the dresses women wore smaller crinolines and hair significantly changed as well. Women stopped wearing wigs in the 18th century due to Marie Antoinette’s influence; their hair would be dyed if it wasn’t blonde, brown, or black.  This began the era of embracing one’s hair, however; women still styled their hair in an eye-catching way.

Throughout 1900-1910 women’s clothes stayed the same, it wouldn’t be until 1920 when women’s dresses became shorter, and they hugged the body more. The roaring twenties was a time of play and luxury where women would show off their prettiest pearls, this time was rather large for women. The 1920’s were the years women pushed economic barriers and embraced their sexual freedom.


The rest of the 1900s were significantly different, clothing was different every 10 years. Women’s clothes evolved from knee-length dresses and skirts to casual attire of louse blouses and long skirts to miniskirts and pencil skirts/dresses of the 1960s. The last years of the 1900s were a time of change, in 1970 women wore a variety of different colorful clothes, for example, this specific year was the starting year of the hippies, but by mid-year, the trend faded. Women went back to wearing cardigans, blouses and for bottoms, they wore skirts, jeans, and casual fashion. The 1980s consisted of puffy miniskirts, leg warmers, and frizzy hair, the dedication put into one’s hair was amazing. Cans of hairspray provided great help to the way a women’s hair stayed, this is when the popular scrunchies and barrettes began there influence. The 80’s are favorite to many including the generation today who are inspired by the old fashion trends.

“I’d want to go back in the 80’s because the clothes were really bold and brave and I love the permed hair, like it made an outfit and the person in a way,” said Hailey Dominguez.

The 1990’s provided body tight clothing and the end of the decade was a large step for fashion. Many women began to embrace their body, hence the style of revealing clothes. Clothes worn were short yet baggy and some popular trends were overalls, jeans, and plain tops worn with zipped down jackets. The 1990’s fashion is loved by many for its distinct trends.

 “My favorite fashion trend currently is high waisted pants and denim skirts of the 90’s,” said Margarita Esqueda.

Some of our current fashion trends today are crop tops, jeans, and a variety of clothes, but one large trend with our generation are throwbacks. The old trends of the 80’s and 90’s are coming back, teens wear 90’s inspired clothes, hair accessories such as the famous barrettes, and scrunchies. Some clothing items that are rising today are plaid skirts and jean skirts, there are still many fashion trends to come, all we have to do is keep up to date with them.

 “It’s important to keep up with fashion trends because they’re part of our history and the clothes we wear are something that defines who we are,”  said Kamilah Hall.