Schedule Change: Hectic or Not?

Schedule Change: Hectic or Not?

Dominique Sahuaqui Sanchez, Staff

Cesar Avina, a Sophomore at La Joya Community High School speaks on the schedule change. He like every other student that goes to this school is doing virtual learning and have been for the past month, but suddenly there has been a schedule change.

As of Monday, September 14th, 2020 students are required to follow the new schedule. Starting this new schedule may be confusing or hard because we have just got into a routine with our last one. The main purpose is to help us students because teachers aren’t seeing good grades.

When asked why do you think the district decided to make this decision he says, “I think the district decided to make this change to help students with the work they don’t understand and to help the students who have failing grades.”

“I think this schedule change will have an affect on my grades because we have more time with the teacher after school, we can also ask them questions and talk to them about grades and how we can raise them,” said Cesar on September 17, 2020, when asked how the schedule change will affect him.

So, what exactly is the difference between our old schedule and new schedule. We see that schools main focus is that we have time to do all these assignments and have time for ourselves, so we aren’t bombarded with work. Therefore, they decided we should a new class, which is learning support and our lunch is an hour long.

This is the learning support options, there are a variety of them because you’re supposed to choose one based on which situation you are in.

Which is correct because no teacher wants their student to fail. So, they decided that if students have a grade lower than a 65% they have an opportunity to receive the help they need in an intervention class. Those that are doing good and passing, they have the opportunity to attend enrichment, which varies day to day. The class gives students a way to connect with others, but also get homework done.

“In the last 2 hours of school I went to an enrichment class and I finished my homework. In the enrichment class I learned how to paint your face and about the history of Halloween. It was really fun, and I enjoyed that class. Most of the students were really nice and some of the students were mean,” said Cesar when he was asked how his experience was when he one of the learning support options.

So as we can see overall this schedule is having a positive effect on Cesar he’s getting his work done and enjoying class more. I just wonder how this schedule has affected other students.