How to make the best surprise card


Christian Temple, Staff

Mothers day is coming up and why buy your mother some lame card when you can make a great and excellent DIY card that looks cool and would appear to be very thoughtful and be viewed as yourself putting in a bit of work instead of going the easy way out. Here will be explained how to fold a surprise Message card for Mothers day or any other day you may be celebrating.

  • Here is what you will be making.



All that is needed is a piece of paper as it is simply folding it.


  • First you must of course fold it in half in a sort of hotdog style.
  • you must then fold the the corners in-word after you had unfolded the paper from hot dog style.
  • Next you will need to fold the top part towards the middle.
  • You must then fold the triangles on the sides inwards.


  • Make sure it’s all folded tightly and turn to the back side and write whatever you would like to be the message.
  • Then, Fold the paper into three equal sides.
  • Afterword’s, unfold one of the papers and put it into the slits that the other side has.

  • You are then done and can whatever you may please on the from such as “Happy Mothers Day”
  • All you need to do now is then give the task of pulling the flap it has to reveal he hidden message.