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La Joya's Creative Art Teacher

La Joya’s Creative Art Teacher

Rosemary Aguirre, Staff August 31, 2021

There may be very few individuals out there who think, Art is not a part of their daily lives. Art is around us everywhere we go, in our homes, outside, and even in school. Ms. Lindsay Witt was...

What Impact Does K-pop Have on Listeners?

What Impact Does K-pop Have on Listeners?

Natalia Deciga Nunez, Staff August 30, 2021

In 2020 BTS broke the record for the most viewed music video in 24 hours with their song ‘Dynamite’. Today we’ll see how the record-breaking K-pop artists impact their numerous fans. Whether it’s...

In this picture it shows a teacher teaching his students about the human skull.

Prepping Students Today, for Tomorrow’s Careers

Daisy Aguirre Castillo, Editor August 27, 2021

In order to figure out which career one would like to choose, at West-Mec a student or adult student can choose any of there listed programs like physical therapy technician. You are taught in visual,...

rainbow of consoles through the year

Evolution: Games

How games attract players
Ericka Lindsay, Staff August 27, 2021

The internet has been a major part of everyday life, but nothing is dominating as much as games. So, what made games what we see them as today? How did these ideas become a big subject in people’s lives? "Ok...

Stop Coronavirus sign

The Pandemic That Effected Peoples Daily Lives

Deidra Platt, Staff August 27, 2021

Everyone can agree that in some way or another this pandemic has had at least 1 negative change in our daily lives, whether it be physically, mentally, or emotionally people were and still are being...

School Clubs Making a Comeback

School Clubs Making a Comeback

Are they here to stay?
Maryah Carrasco, Copy Editor August 27, 2021

Ready to connect with the pack again students are now back in person learning at La Joya Community High School for the 2021-2022 school year but not only did school make a comeback itself, but clubs are...


Edwin Segura Rivera, staff May 19, 2021

Hey there today I will be breaking down the top 3 list for best the best movies for 2021 so lets get too it starting at number 3 spot we have space jam featuring LeBron  James teams up with the Looney...


Why do we celebrate Mother’s day

Why is Mother day celebrated
Yadira Romero Garcia, Staff May 17, 2021

Mother’s Day is a time held dear by families across the world; a prompt for children who have moved away to come home and make a fuss of the women who brought them into the world. But how did this day...

Kerbal Space Program, To The Stars

Kerbal Space Program, To The Stars

Build your rocket and fly to space
Sergio Ramos, Staff May 17, 2021

  Kerbal space program is a simulation game where you are creating your own rockets to advance the space program of an alien race called Kerbans to get them to reach the stars. Their are a couple...

How to Prepare for Testing

How to Prepare for Testing

Best study tips for testing
Maryah Carrasco, Staff May 17, 2021

Hi everyone! It's May which means the end of the school year. Yay! But, not to ruin everyone's mood but testing and final exams are right around the corner unfortunately and I know how stressful it can...

How to Make a Vanilla Layered Strawberry Cake

How to Make a Vanilla Layered Strawberry Cake

The perfect tender and fluffy spring dessert
Maryah Carrasco, Staff April 26, 2021

This recipe can be time-consuming but it is all worth it in the end. The vanilla cake is not to sweet but is just right and this goes the same for the buttercream. This delicious dessert is all around...

3 Movies to Watch on Netflix in April

3 Movies to Watch on Netflix in April

Dominique Sahuaqui Sanchez, Staff April 23, 2021

When browsing for movies on Netflix it feels like you have watched everything on there. We know it's not the truth, but it's the way we feel when we can't find something interesting. Netflix is always...

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