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Looking Good, Lobos: Spirit Week Highlights

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Monsters, superheroes, and animated characters, oh my! Spirit week is a time to let your creativity run absolutely wild! It’s like a week long Halloween without it being October! It is the time to escape your regular everyday outfits and come up with cool costumes to flaunt around the campus while spreading your school spirit.  

The week started off with none other than Monster Movie Monday, which was filled with zombies, clowns and vampires. The students were walking around looking as scary as ever. One could say that these Lobos did not wake up like this!

Tuesday came along and so did the superheroes. If La Joya was in any trouble, there was nothing to fear, the super Lobos were here! Supermen, Superwomen, Batmen, Catwomen, and even a few Ninja Turtles were around the campus making sure there was no trouble around.

Wednesday was favorite character day, where students were free to dress as any movie character they chose. We got to see students creativity through their costumes! 

Thursday was Animation day, where students let their inner child out and dressed up as their favorite cartoon characters. Even teachers couldn’t resist playing along with the theme and taking on the role of their animated favorites!

To end the fun-filled week, students dressed up in classic Lobo gear as a final demonstration of their spirit!

We asked Jasmynn Coleman, a junior here at La Joya, what she enjoys most about spirit week.

“I like it because the school comes together in a way and everyone’s having a great time.”

Many students at LJHS feel the same way as Jasmynn, and this year’s spirit week was as successful as any other. Thanks to all you Lobos who participated and help keep our spirit alive!

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Looking Good, Lobos: Spirit Week Highlights