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Jesus Rodriguez

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This past Sunday, the National College Fair was here in Arizona at the Phoenix Convention Center. Over 50 colleges across the nation came out to convey information about their colleges.

The Phoenix Convention Center had a varietal abundance of colleges, universities, visual art schools, and fine art schools.

A lot of the colleges gave out brochures and cards and had one-on-one discussions with interested high school students.

Students, of course, had to come up with questions to ask representatives from the colleges they wanted to go to. Before students were able to attend, they had to first register online with the school they attend and then print out a barcode.

That barcode was used for representatives so the colleges were able to keep in contact with those interested. Information about applying and anything else universities or colleges deem necessary could be sent using these barcodes without spending as much time as filling out information cards would.

Having students attend from all over Arizona, information tables were packed and therefore busy the majority of the time. Students were walking around looking at what the colleges had to offer, asking questions like: “How much is the tuition?”, “What does my GPA have to be?”, and “What are your amenities?”. Those questions are the right ones to ask. There were other booths containing General Information about college, financial aid, ACTs, and SATs.

Those booths were good not only for freshmen high school students but also for all classes. All in all, the college fair was a good source of information about colleges and how to apply.

If you’re interested in finding out more information about a college you’re interested in, check in with your counselor or look for future college fair events nearby!

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