How to get out of a Rut!

A few ways to get out of a mental or physical rut.


a clean room will provide clarity and a feeling of relief.

Shane Waisner, Photo Editor

Being in a rut means that you dont know how to get out of the same habit of everyday life. To try and to get out of a rut, you have to switch up and clean up your life. By switching up your routine and cleaning up wherever you spend a lot of your time, you can get out of a rut with some simple steps.

Getting sunlight is also pretty important for mental health. along with taking a break.

Step One: Clean Up! Clean up wherever you spend lots of time especially if its just your room, closet, or even your fridge!

Step Two: Exercise! a big reason lots of people dont feel good is because people

arent getting proper exercise. Exercise improves physical traits along with improving mental state.

exercise is important for mental and physical health.

Step Three- Get sunlight! Sunlight is super important because it allows our skin to create vitamin d. Vitamin D can create energy and provide the feeling of happiness.


i hope you all are doing okay, i hope you get out of your rut.