The effect of online learning on a student


Estephanie Luque Inzunza, Staff

Although the corona virus is still here, it does not mean there is no way to stay safe while going out. For example, staying home when you feel sick. There are multiple ways like keeping a good distance between people and getting your vaccines. Take care of yourself so you can prevent yourself from getting sick and catching Covid. 

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One of the biggest struggles of being online was for the classes that you had to be interactive or had to use a certain material. Some examples of classes like that are ceramics, art, or classes with musical instruments. Classes like this had it a bit harder, because they sometimes did not get what they needed. 

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The pandemic has affected the students of La Joya, one good example is doing school over a computer. To some students it has not affected them, but to others it has greatly affected them and their leaning. ” I think during the time I was online the hardest part was probably not getting distracted” said Maria Fernanda a senior this year. The struggles some students have a different way of learning, so it was hard to focus and sometimes they end up not knowing what is going on. Some students do not feel they got the knowledge they needed. “No I don’t think so because I still don’t know some stuff or I don’t understand somethings” said Javier Jr Luque a future freshman. It also has affected the ways teachers are able to teach their students. Over time the way of teaching has changed because they had to adapt to the circumstances.

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Always try your best to keep a mask on you might thing they do not work, and they are useless, but masks have proven to help. Since the beginning of January of this year more people have gotten the vaccine. “One reason for me getting the vaccine is to protect myself form COVID” said Javier Luque a eighth grader going to La Joya next year. The amount of people who have gotten their first vaccine since September 15,2021 is,4,238,085 or 58.2% of people. And the amount of people fully vaccinated is a little lower but amazing also since September 15, 2021, 3,623,266.