True Life of a Krunchkin: Oct. 27, 2015

The life of Kimberly Rodriguez on crutches


October 27, 2015

Today was our yearbook conference! I love love looooove going to the yearbook conference at ASU. It’s a lot of fun, and a good learning experience. This year our keynote speaker was Nick Ciletti. He’s the Weekend Morning Anchor for ABC15, and my new bae. *heart eyes* No, but for reals today was a good day! Mainly because I got pushed around in a wheel chair all day, instead of having to deal with my crutches. Shout out to my Momma Bear for that. Anyways back to ASU, it was a fun day. They even had a photo booth!! Once I saw the photo booth I made Jesus wheel me in through the back (I wasn’t trying to wait in that long line). It was funny, but I ended up having to stand on the wheel chair because I was too short and the camera couldn’t see me (#ShortPeopleProbs). After that we went to booths and just started taking handfuls of candy. Literally my purse was just filled with candies. LOL. After we did all that we went to the conference room for our little introduction meeting. Once they finished we went to our first session, where me, Alexis and Mike went to “Yearbooks on Fleek” which was just no Bueno. It was packed, and everything they were teaching we already knew. But it was funny because in the middle of the session some dude just pulled out Oreos and started eating them, and I just couldn’t stop laughing it was too funny! After that session ended we went to our second session which was “Pushing the Limits: How to Cover Challenging Subjects” now that one was good! In the beginning it was funny because we struggle getting in, and plus the teacher was having a few technical difficulties. Overall though it was a good class, gave a lot of good helpful tips, but towards the end I stopped paying attention because well I just wanted lunch to start already. FINALLY lunch came and I am glad it did because I was getting a little hangry, and no one wants to see a hangry krunchkin because it is not pretty. Once lunch was ending the yearbook fam and I went to Starbucks, we need it in order to stay awake during awards! We ended up leaving after they gave out the newspaper awards, we were just exhausted. Plus we had Trunk or treat the next day and we needed to plan everything out, which we did on the bus ride home.