Are All Pit Bulls Dangerous?


Kealohalani Kauhako-Viernes, Staff

Pit bulls can be dangerous but not all the time. They react from fear or their safety, not because they were naturally born like to fight back.

Agreed there are pit bulls in the world that are dangerous. There are pit bulls that are really kind-hearted. A students attending La Joya high school, Dayane Martin “I do believe that a good amount of pit bulls do get out of hand sometimes, but not because they were taught to or they learned , but sometimes they, necessarily can’t tell the difference between playing around and them getting too aggressive.” Pit bulls just want to attack because they fear for their safety ,also,” said Dayane Martin.

 “Would you volunteer to take care of a pit bull for a year if you had the chance and why ? she replied “Honestly I would volunteer to take care of a pit bull for a year because it gives me a chance to show others that not every pit bull is dangerous like they think.”  All pit bulls aren’t as dangerous as we think.  There are pit bull attacks here and there but just like humans, a pit bull’s looks and features do not define their aggressiveness or their strength, just like a person’s race or skin color doesn’t define their aggressiveness or strengths.

A pit bull’s action always has a reasoning just like our actions always has a reason behind them.

Pit bulls are getting awarded of their greatness and goodness, ; pit bulls are used for therapy dogs as well. Half a million pit bull type dogs either get killed or put down in shelters annually. Scientist proved that pit bulls can not lock their jaws when they bite down on something. “Just take a moment to look at the positive side of things” said Dayane.