Dear Lobo

Lobo, Staff

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Dear Lobo,

Does school get harder?

Dear Anonymous Freshman,

School will always be a tough thing to deal with but it can get easier if you take the necessary steps to do so. Find what you struggle with or “makes school hard” and talk to your teachers about it to get help. I hope things work out in the end! Thanks for writing in and good luck.

Dear Lobo,

When is Prom?

Dear Anonymous Junior,

Everything about Prom will be announced when it gets closer but it’s never too early to start planning things out! Just remember that when you buy your ticket it is connected to your student ID number so do not sell your tickets and be sure to be free of all fees in the bookstore or you can’t purchase one. Hope this helped and thanks for writing in.

Dear Lobo,

How can you find the Homecoming pictures?

Dear Anonymous Sophomore,

Picture are a little backed up at the moment but when they are done there will be an announcement on how to get them. Hope this helped and thanks for writing in.