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Don’t let failure lead you



Blow your Mind

Raymundo Sandoval, Staff

As time goes by, every person in this world has gone through the idea of lack of motivation. This voluntary act invokes

a person’s life with a struggle that has been happening for years or something minimal. Overall to contain lack of motivation is something that can be controlled and overcome.

Being in a place where you feel like doing nothing is a tough spot, where you stop caring for things you did in the past. People tend to feel the pressure of the world and put themselves down. It could be for the slightest of things and their day is ruined which pushes them to do nothing because they aren’t in the mood.

“I don’t pay attention to the negativity in life, I look at the upside in life and focus on the good things.” said Fernando Vargas

Strive (Jan Jespersen)

People rather stay focusing on what is putting them down instead of what they could do to enjoy the moments.

“I try to focus on positive outcomes, even though there is bad times, I know good time will come and that’s what I strive for” said Adrian Jurado

Everyone reacts to events in life different, people may use the bad things in life to push them to go farther in life.

“Negativity is my main source of motivation, it pushes me to strive for more, it makes me want to succeed and chase my dreams” said Luis PintorĀ 

All the negative things can be used as a source of motivation, everyone may react different to everything but people need to learn what pushes them to succeed and take advantage of it.