Handling Emotions

Handling Emotions

Veronica Palomino , Staff

There is a lot of different ways we handle emotions or feelings. Some people either listen to music or even just go for a ride in the night around town. Here at La Joya Community High School we handle it a little different.

I interviewed two Juniors attending La Joya they were asks multiple questions but they had some causes and triggers themselves.

Izabella Faith Patina is a Junior here at La Joya she was asked what is her stress relieve and her response was,

“Listening to music or working out that always helps me.”

Someone she can come to for anything is her mom because she’s been there for her when she needed someone the most.

Naylaka Ruiz is another Junior student at La Joya, she was also interviewed. Something that makes her the happiest is being with her family that makes her laugh and forgetting about all her worries.

She was asked if her emotions interfere with her learning her respond was,

“I try not to let it but if it does happen, during the day math for example I won’t play attention in class then the next day I will ask my teacher for everything I missed.”

Another Junior student name Eileen Cepeda is just a person that ignores her feelings. She really doesn’t like telling other about it unless its her best friend.

She was asked how is she able to handle her emotions her responds was,

“I listen to music and ignore everybody I won’t have to go off on anybody else.”

She knows what to say and what not to when things get to her and she doesn’t really know what to do.