The end of first semester is right around the corner!


Jennifer Lopez, Staff

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Its been a good first semester so far, but as we start going into the month of December we find ourselves coming to an end of this semester and some of us are a little worried about grades. Most can even say its been a stress trying to catch up and trying to pass. When asked how they feel about the semester almost being over, Junior Jacob Herrera said, “I’m excited that its already close to being over because its bringing us closer to almost being done with this school year but I also feel a little stressed with trying to bring up one of my grades”.

A lot of us can also relate with how we feel about our grades. Many of us are trying to do everything possible to bring them up to at least a passing grade so that we don’t have an F on our report cards. I asked Freshman Isaac Herrera, if he was happy with his grades and what he was doing to catch up and bring them up, he responded with ” With this being my first year of high school I thought I would be able to keep my grades up when I started, but a couple of them started going down and I needed to improve and I knew I had to do something to catch up so I come in after school whenever I can and try to turn in any missing work”.

Many are just happy to be done and are getting ready to enjoy winter break! I asked Junior Karmen

Macias, what is she most happy about with this semester coming to an end, she said “I’m really mostly just looking forward to winter break! I cant wait to spend the holidays with my family and not stress about school or my work”.

Everyone needs a little encouragement to get through the day/semester

What every student is thinking.

Feeling relieved from finishing finals!

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