Is social media doing us any better ?

Veronica Torres Palomino, Staff

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We as teenagers tend to use social media for everything if its for communication or something important. Well two sophomores at LaJoya High School are anti-social they define themselves different from other people. They rather spend time by themselves rather than friends and they both think theres no actually point for social media. Thats maybe one of the reasons why everyone gets along or why they know certain things. Its a big thing to catch up with alot of old friends and also another way to make memories with good people or people you know for the longest.

A student sophomore name Natalia Wach prefers herself not to communicate through social media just because everyone talks about there stuff there.

She was asked if she had any advice for anyone new coming into social media and her response was, “be careful because there’s a lot of unnecessary things.”

Photographer: Veronica Palomino

Natalia says she sees people to get on social media than actually paying attention in school but there’s nothing quite we can do about it because people are just addicted.

Another student attending La Joya name Morgan Mullvian thinks social media impacts everyone she said that social media can ruin relationships.

She was asked why is social media important to you her response was, “if I take a good picture and I post it, it makes me feel better about myself and that’s how I get my confidence.”

Photographer: Veronica Palomino

She said she can personally live without social media but by the days go by she gets more connected just because she wants to see what other people at doing online.

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