Carlos Gracia Headed For The Air Force

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Carlos Gracia Headed For The Air Force

Ciara Alvarez, Staff

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Has the thought ever crossed your mind where you are stuck between going to college or to fight for our country? Well 18-year-old Carlos Gracia, one of La Joya Community High School Seniors, is set for the U.S. Air Force this coming spring and/or summer.

Carlos just recently enlisted for the U.S. Air Force and is ready to be sent off to serve our country. As I interview Carlos I realized this young man is confident and committed to the decision that he has chosen.

“When did you decide to enlist for the Air Force and why?” Asked Ciara, Interviewer

“Freshman year and its better than doing nothing” Answers Carlos Gracia

He got that right! To join the U.S. Air Force to serve our country, to fight for his love ones and our freedom along side with many other young men and young women who have made this choice is such an act of bravery. During our interview, I asked Carlos what encourage him to make the choice to join the U.S. Air Force.

“Do you have any family members or friends who are enlisted in the Air Force?” Asked Ciara, Interviewer

“Yeah my older brother and both of my grandparents and fathers and then one of my uncles” Answers Carlos Gracia

So it appears Carlos is not the only member within his family to fight for our country. The five Gracia family members in Carlos life have given a huge inspriation to Carlos to join the service. As we continued our interview I can hear the excitement in his voice as Carlos was answering with no fear or nervousness. I have to say Carlos is pretty pumped up and is ready to serve our country.

“Who is your biggest supporter or motivator?” Asked Ciara, Interviewer

“I would have to say Jaylene cause I’m doing this for her like so that way I can support her later on in life. She doesn’t notice yet but I plan on staying with her after high school. She doesn’t know that yet so” Answered Carlos Gracia

Carlos Gracia(Left side) and Jaylene Gracia(Right side)

During the end of our interview it becomes clear that Carlos is fully committed to this decision that he has made. The motivation he is gaining from Jaylene Gracia, knowing that this choice may affect their future together. The motivation and support he recieves from his girlfriend shows bravery in her part as they plan their future together.

We want to express our gratitude for your bravery in servering our country. We wish you the best of luck Carlos and help make America great again with your service.

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