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Making the Switch

Making the Switch

Bryce Hart, Writer

December 17, 2018

Many people believe that global warming is real. There has been electric cars, electric trains, and now society is pushing for electric planes. Electric planes could potentially cheaper, quieter, and good for the environment. Traditional aircraft costs around $100 per flight but with EasyJet the elect...

The Struggles of Being an AP Student

The Struggles of Being an AP Student

Katelyn Viray, Editor In Chief

September 16, 2018

If you have ever entered an advanced or an AP (advanced placement) course, you know it's a whole different world compared to a regular class. They are expected to have a higher level of punctuality, thoroughness and understanding the concept. Meeting all those criteria can be overwhelming. Students go...

Maintain Beautiful Healthy Hair

Maintain Beautiful Healthy Hair

August 28, 2018

After seeing research and facts on hair care surprisingly true. Have you ever wanted long and healthy hair? These tips are  the tips are for everyone to do in order to keep their hair healthy. How to take care of your hair is very simple to do at home. If you have dullness hair then don't worry you can fix it with lemon juice. ...

The Life of High School


Kealohalani Kauhako-Viernes, Staff

August 25, 2017

August 21,2017 Gabriela Romero got interviewed at La Joya high school to explain her view of the year and many more. Gabriela also known as Gabby for short is currently a senior here at LJHS, throughout the years she connected to school in many ways. Gabby plays basketball, joined Pride and Photo...

5 Inspirational And Motivational Movies Every Student Needs To Watch

5 Inspirational And Motivational Movies Every Student Needs To Watch

Ricardo Lopez

March 1, 2017

With the school year coming to an end it is important to stay motivated and have a good amount of inspiration, to help keep your mind focused. A nd to help with that, here are 5 of the most inspiring and motivational movies that will encourage you to work hard and keep you studying   (WARNING! SPOILERS!)   De...

DIY: Acne Fighting Remedies

DIY: Acne Fighting Remedies

Azucena Teran

February 13, 2017

You wake up one early morning after a stressful night of cramming for exams and what do you see?  Zitney Spears central lounging right in the middle of your nose. What do you do? You try covering it up but there it is, shining straight through the layer of makeup. Its normal, acne happens to everybody, n...

Students, Not Robots!


Dshaun Pitre, staff

October 7, 2016

"Exhaustion, students seem to far a lot of this days. Between school, home,work, homework, sports, and other extra curricular activities there's no time in the day" Marina Darinda says, from ASU university."Schools expect not enough now a days, but too much." With the expectation of waking up about...

Fun and Exciting Things to do

Fun and Exciting Things to do

Christopher Aguilar, Staff

October 1, 2016

Who doesn’t love to have fun, Fear Farm and the Arizona State Fair are just two of the many places to go to forget about all of  your problems. Certain attractions only run for a small amount of time. Events like the Arizona State Fair and Fear Farm only last a small amount of time. You have...

Balancing Work and School

Balancing Work and School

September 5, 2016

Students don’t always realize the complications of being employed. Some students want a job just to have extra money, others don’t have a choice on the matter. Sometimes employers work with students schedules but, there isn’t enough time in one day to fulfill day to day priorities. It is alw...

Eye Bags: I Shouldn’t Have Them This Young

The rode to recovery is long but you'll get through it

Sonia Leyva, Staff

August 30, 2016

90% of students who have committed suicide had an underlying mental illness. Many of you may not be aware that the people around you are struggling to cope with an illness and are quite good at suppressing their feelings, whether it be anxiety, depression and eating disorders etc. Each one can deteriorate...

Connecting the Pack at La Joya Community High School