Making the Switch


Bryce Hart, Writer

Many people believe that global warming is real. There has been electric cars, electric trains, and now society is pushing for electric planes. Electric planes could potentially cheaper, quieter, and good for the environment. Traditional aircraft costs around

$100 per flight but with EasyJet the electric planes your travel ticket could be 10% cheaper and 50% quieter.

“Yes, because the airplanes are really loud especially when I can’t tell where they are coming from,” said James Charper, a Freshman at La Joya.

Imagine not having to hear every single plane that fly’s above. Not having to spend your whole life savings on a travel ticket to the Bahamas. And most definitely not grudging the roar of the engines as you take off. And these planes look a lot better.

One of the most crucial things that electric planes are good at is they are better for the environment. These planes don’t have to take any gas they just charge. Just like you charge your phone at night they charge their airplanes. A gas plane burns about 1 gallon of gas per minute according to HowStuffWorks. Electric planes don’t burn any gas, not a single gallon.

When asked how much gas people think a plane burns Alex Gonzalez senior at La Joya said, “I am not really sure, depending on how far on average I would 3/4 of a gallon is burned.” 

He was completely perplexed to the fact that 1 gallon is burned every single minute. While you cruise in a nice airplane.