Class Electives


Ruby Sicairos, Staff

As we come close to the end of our first semester and students have already started choosing their new electives for the following year with the exception of seniors of course, we see what goes into students when choosing their own classes.

“Electives are important because they give you skills necessary in order to advance in life doing something you love” Said Sophomore Thomas Goodall. 

About two weeks ago students were given a grey paper with six places to input electives for the upcoming year, they’ve also been able to get their required classes signed off by their English, math, science, and history teachers. Students are able to choose electives like world language classes, performing and visual arts classes, career and technical education courses (CTE) and many other electives that fall under those categories and many other categories

“It’s necessary to fill out our elective forms because it gives us a choice in what we would like to participate in. If we received the classes we wanted it might make students want to attend class” Said Freshman Eliana Espinoza.

When students correctly fill out their elective sheet, sometime in the near future they will be taken with one of their teachers to turn in those elective sheets, until then they’d have to responsibly hold on to those sheets and not lose them. If students lose that elective paper or don’t turn it in on time there is a high possibility of them not getting an elective they want or the electives they want the most. By the following year, when students get their new schedule they will be given their four classes and their two electives whether it was their top two picks or the top picks on their elective sheet.