The Top Most Popular Kpop Song on the Billboards

Featuring Your Top 5 KPop Songs


Elysia Casillas, Staff

This year’s Korean Pop groups have been working out new tunes and lyrics to represent who they are. These are today’s top five Korean songs that made it to the Billboard.

Jennie, Solo:

Solo artist Jennie has come up with the number one hit new song “Solo”. This song is a slow and powerful message to those who have gone through breakups. The video stays with the theme of starting off dark and moody, and ends with vibrant colors to represent how she is turning a new leaf. An influential line from this song is, (English translation) “This is not a touching love story, No romance, no sincerity, I’m sorry, but I’m not sorry, From today on.”

Twice, Yes or Yes:

Twice’s “Yes or Yes” song has manage to take the silver for Korean music. It is definitely a bop and anyone could listen to even if you don’t speak Korean. In these kinds of videos, there a story behind the video. This story portrays the love connection from a girl to her crush, whom she wants to impress. A line in the song that was most powerful is, (English translation) “I will say no to your no, is it me or us?, I respect your choice, but reject your rejection, There is only one answer, the choice is up to you, It’s all up to you.”

BTOB, Beautiful Pain:

BTOB or “Born to Beat” has created a song called “Beautiful pain” that has taken the bronze on the Billboards. This is breakup song. The song talks about how he revisits his pains and sorrows of his breakup. The lyrics express how he still feels the pain and doesn’t know if he’ll move on. A repeated line is, (English translation) “I met love and went through a breakup, I laughed and cried countless times, The thing about time, the thing about moments, Are that they are a beautiful pain.”

EXO, Tempo:

Band group EXO has generated the song “Tempo” that has taken the number five spot on the Korean Billboards. The song is very distinct beat and has a nice, smooth rhythm. This song is about a relationship between a girl and a guy. It talks about how fast their relationship is going. A lyric from the song that sums up the overall theme of it would be, (English translation), “We ain’t in a rush, girl, it’s just us, girl, … ‘Cause I’m tryna slow it down, beat it up, go down, eat it up, Take it down, down, down, down, then I’ma beat it up.”

IU, Bbibbi:

“Bbibbi” was created by girl group IU and has taken the spot of number six on the Korean Billbaords. The music video is strange but also intriguing to watch. The song lyrics itself is about modern girls stepping out of line about gossip. A perfect line, in English would be, “I don’t care what your secret is, All of your stories, Let me politely decline, not my business, I like it like this, talk talkless.”

These Korean artists are bringing new content to the table of music. They are starting to make their songs more appealing to their non-Korean speaking audiences. They are including not only English but Spanish as well. Keep an eye out for Kpop songs in the next coming year; they may turn out to be your new favorite thing to listen to.