Mass Shooting in Texas


Odessa, Texas

Joel Hewitt, Staff

ODESSA – A mass shooting in Odessa, Texas occurred last Saturday, on August 31. The shooter was believed to have killed at least seven people currently and wounded 22 more around the Odessa – Midland area.

Paying respects to a friend.
Gunman Seth Ator

On August 31, 2019, there were reports of a harmed man driving around the Odessa area shooting innocent civilians wounding at least 22. Many people are devastated by the onslaught that occurred last Saturday by a distraught man. The man who committed this horrifying tragedy was claimed to be a very violent man and having recently been fired from his job when he decided to take his anger upon the public. Neighbors and people that knew him claimed that his life was already going down the drain and he was down to the “last straw”.

“It’s sad and heartbreaking,” said Angela O’Boyle

Honoring Victims

 “I think any shooting is horrible and none of them should be put over the other because they all include the loss of life and I believe we need to do better as a society if people are taking out their personal problems onto the public,” said Mr. Anwar.

 “This could be linked to violence being shown in unnecessary ways like in video games,” said Isaac Herrera.

Including this one, there has been a total of 297 mass shootings as of 2019. This is also a reminder to students to stay safe and be aware of surroundings and also if you need any sort of help, to go seek counseling or someone who can help you rather than turning towards something that can destroy your future.

Community paying respects