Myths True or False?

Karina Perez, Staff

AVONDALE- There are many misconceptions floating around, a large quantity of these can be even be considered myths, but perhaps these misunderstandings may not be far off from the truth, facts have been stretched into lies and have been known to be over-exaggerated some myths that will be looked into are…

  • Vitamin Gummies

Vitamin gummies are some of the most common well know forms of vitamins taken by children and teens. A common detail most parents are sure to include on their lecture on vitamins and medicine is to not to take more than directed, otherwise one may overdose. A large number of Americans believed it was possible to overdose on vitamins.

“Personally, I think you could overdose because it could possibly be overwhelming for to your body,” said Grace Ashbum. 

overdosing on vitamin gummy’s may sound dramatic but it’s not impossible, simply overeating vitamin gummy’s would supply the body with an unnecessary amount of vitamins, some symptoms include stomach aches,  diarrhea, vomiting, and nausea. To avoid any of these side effects, take the directed amount on the back!

  • Wet Hair 

Sleeping with your hair wet may not seem that horrible, but it may be the underlying factor to most of your problems. Colds originate from viruses already in the system rather than from environmental factors.

  “The common cold doesn’t really have anything to do with being cold, but rather being infected with one of over 200 cold-causing viruses, usually a rhinovirus,” said

Sleeping with wet hair will not make you sick but it can lead to many more conditions such as dandruff and mold on the scalp and hair

“If you have dandruff due to a dry scalp, eczema or even a fungus, you should know that its effects can be exacerbated by sleeping with wet hair,” said

Wet hair can cause damage and breakage along with