For Honor

New Character Zhanhu


Michael Trevino, Student

AVONDALE- There is a new character in For Honor named Zhanhu, he is part of the Marching Fire faction in the video game “For Honor” that was released on November 7th, 2019.

Gamers can get him in the season pass or wait a few weeks to get him for 1500 gold.

“All his attacks are great but his recovery is awful and needs more stamina because you can spam unblockable,” said Junior Salvez.

Junior believes say they need to fix his slow recovery but don’t always need to spam his or her unblockable. Spamming can get the opponent getting used to one’s play style and result into a parry. Using the same move over and over again can ruin the entire fight, therefore, it’s more reasonable to try to be flexible and use all his abilities wisely. There is nothing wrong with being aggressive but it may benefit the gamer to just slow down.

“All in all, he just needs his range to be changed a little, he can hit you with a heavy or light from a pretty great distance. Even his zone is unpredictable,” said Julian Horyst. 

Zhanhu’s ability to hit from incredible ranges is unreasonable and Ubisoft will fix this in the next patch update with the hope of gamers. Even using left unblockable does incredible DPS (Damage), there are quite uneven balances for Zhanhu when it comes to his attack movements.

“Zhanhu’s executions are all extremely clean but like also very I don’t know how to explain it, but it’s elegant,” said Jamel Jackson.

Zhanhu’s style in fighting is one of a kind due to the Japanese tradition fighting involved and it makes him more fascinating to those who love characters with stills, mixups, and even just the way they dress. Heroes with fighting style and something unique about them makes every hero special.