All About Christmas Trees


Karina Perez, Staff

AVONDALE-  Giving back is one of the many wonderful factors playing into an enjoyable Christmas season, although the merry season is around the corner, there are many preparations to starting the perfect Christmas, including decorations, culture customs, and most importantly, spending time with family.

To celebrate Christmas, most families come together to eat, decorate, and give back. Decorating comes different to many cultures, some families don’t decorate and some go all out. A widespread common decoration celebrated by many is the Christmas tree, which is decorated in many styles.

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“We put up a seven foot regular tree and used green, red, and white ornaments,”  said Kamilah Hall

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The idea of putting up Christmas trees originated in the 16th century from Germany, it started off with decorated real and wood trees. Certainly, the Christmas tree has come a long way, and with time it developed into something more than just a real pine tree. Christmas trees in modern society range from real Christmas trees to fake trees, wall trees, and even upside down trees. Modern trees aren’t the same anymore, but people aren’t retaliating, they’re enjoying the trend and seem to be liking it. An upside down tree provides a different feeling, not many have an upside down tree in their home. Although the new trend of upside down trees sounds like a foreign idea, it just so happens that it isn’t.

“The unconventional decorating decorating idea may trace its roots, at least loosely, to pagan roots,” said Ancient Origins.

Another new trend circling around is a tree that isn’t really a tree. the wall tree is a new innovation great for those who can’t afford a tree or simply have no room in their home to spare.

“With just three items—a strand of lights, a star, and clear decorating hooks, you can make a festive Christmas tree,” said Vice.

Of all trees, the most common celebrated tree is a real Christmas tree and fake ones too. Regular Christmas trees are decorated from head to toe, in popcorn chains, ornaments, lights, and even a star or an angel. Many cultures have become accustomed to the Christmas tree but was originally used as a symbol of religion. As the years change, many more are included to celebrate the winter season.