Possible Permanent Changes After Quarantine

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Possible Permanent Changes After Quarantine

Joel Hewitt, Staff

Arizona – Some changes after quarantine will not be reverted back to it’s previous state.

Due to Covid-19, the world had to shutdown itself for a couple of months because  recent

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information had come to light from researchers and health professions. This information included how to slow down the spread of Corona such as wearing masks and staying away from as much people as possible. This is mostly due to the idea that social distancing will heavily decrease the spread of Covid especially considering the fact that most symptoms don’t come


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to light until a week or two later or because the person could end up being asymptomatic and spread it unknowingly. Social distancing has also had an effect on open businesses as well such as create spaces that prevent most human interaction with others or even with the employees. Some of these businesses may even keep these new implications after quarantine.

“I feel like we will still have health precautions and take them more seriously than before the pandemic and I feel like temperature checks and hospital workers may still wear masks.” said Cassandra Castro

“I think people will start to be more hygienic and consume things that will do them better.” said Aaron Guevara


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Some other changes that  would probably been kept after quarantine are businesses that had to convert to online. Most employees are still able to do the same amount or even more from working at home. Most employees or even some businesses find it a lot more efficient to based at home, working online, especially considering that the world is constantly advancing through digital stages. Another more common change that will possibly  become permanent is social distancing and it’s “effects”. Such as stores having hand soap or sanitizer dispensers, increasing store hygiene, and altering store conditions or terms to keep people social distancing such as keeping the compact “cubicles” that some concerts have created or opening back up drive ins in some areas.

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