Continental Eatery for Academic Mastery

Celia Kramer, Britney Onpeng, and Azucena Teran

Tuesday, September 15th, Lobos were given gratification for their outstanding academic work at the Academic Awards Ceremony.

Some were there for their first time, others were there for their second or third time, such as senior Garret Clinton, who was asked what advice he would give to other students who are striving to receive an award and need motivation to get there.

He replied with, “I recommend them to stay focused and organized because it’s really difficult to get good grades, and to do positive things when you’re unorganized and misplace things.”

Students who received an award were also provided with a continental breakfast. These highly regarded students worked extremely hard to gain such rewards, as the requirements were set to a high standard.

In order to receive this award there were specific requirements. Sophomores were required to have a 4.0 GPA their freshman year, Juniors a 3.8 GPA or higher their sophomore year, and Seniors a 3.8 or higher their junior year.

Sophomore Emily Prieto was asked if she expected to receive this award.

“No I didn’t expect to win an award, and I was quite surprised,” said Emily.

Junior Karina Quintana, who has received two awards was asked, “What will you do to ensure you receive this award next year?”

“I’ll keep trying to stay on track, do my homework on time, try my best in class, and make sure I’m not absent on important days,” answered Karina.

60 people received their first award, 34 their second, and 21 their third. It is extremely amazing to see so many  Lobos striving for academic excellence. These students  are definitely ones to admire.