Arizona’s Scariest Event: Fear Farm

A night to remember


A night to remember

Dasey Berrueta and Jesus Solano

Are you looking for something to do over fall break, maybe even on Halloween night?

Will you make it out safely? Find out, head to Fear Farm before it’s gone, if you dare. It can be the time of your life. Located at 2209 N. 99th Avenue, Phoenix, AZ 85037.

This year they offer five different horrific haunts all in the same location! Each haunted house has a story to it.

“The Chainsaw Mayhem” involved a group of five youths in the summer of 1973, who lived longer they have wished. It was a typical summer afternoon that became a nightmare Arizona never forgot. The events of that day led to the discovery of one of the most bizarre crimes in American history.

“The Undead” started with a flash in the sky and a loud crash. Something looked like a comet but turned out to be an alien craft crash, landing in the cemetery. Aliens were slaughtered by the soldiers who came to investigate. Now the Undead walk among us, terrorizing anyone and everything in their path.

“Bunker: Invasion” is the battle for survival. After the slaughter at the cemetery crash, aliens seek revenge for their comrades and the experiments that are being performed on them. Don’t stumble, you will get left behind and become the next object of experimentation.

“Legends” involves La Llorona whom is trapped between the real world and spirit world after killing her two children. She then took her own life out of guilt and despair. Cursed to wander the earth in vain for her drowned children. Beware of her constant weeping as she wants to reunite with her dead son and daughter. Be careful, as she may just carry you off instead.

“Mouth of Madness” is the last haunted house. Where up is down, left is right, and everything is scary. It is the clowns, Tremmors and Flinch’s, Mouth of Madness. They are much more than just painted faces and red noses, both waiting for you in this hidden spot. Check every corner as clowns may be around waiting to make you laugh in fear.

Be sure to check out all the haunted houses. Don’t miss out on scary, amazing fun!