Do You Really Want To Become An Uber Driver?

Katelyn Martinez

A dashboard-mounted camera recently recorded a now viral video of an Uber driver being assaulted by a man. The man who assaulted the driver is now apologizing.

Last Friday in Costa Mesa in Orange County, Uber driver Edward Caban was giving his last ride of the night to intoxicated thirty-two-year-old, Benjamin Golden, after being picked up from the bar.

Caban had asked Golden to give him a drop-off address but Golden refused to give him one. Caban then told him, “You’re too drunk to give me directions, man. I’m kicking you out. Get out of my car or I will call the police.”

Golden then reached over and started hitting Caban, grabbing his hair and slamming his head against a window. In response Caban protected himself by reaching for his pepper spray and spraying Golden.

Edward Caban is now suing Benjamin Golden over the attack. Golden could be facing up to a year in jail if convicted of assault and battery charges.