Trump on SNL

©2015/Dana Edelson/NBC
From the Set: Donald Trump and Sia

Adrianna Martinez

On Nov. 7, Saturday Night Live aired a bizarre episode hosted by Republican Party presidential candidate, Donald Trump. A whopping 6.6 million tuned in for this episode, making it the highest viewership SNL has seen since the 2012 episode hosted by Charles Barkley.

If you missed it, the show featured a sketch showing what it would be like if Trump were president. The sketch takes place at the White House in 2018 during Trump’s presidency and mentions that Trump has restored peace in Syria and is planning to build the wall that will border Mexico and the United States.

Another sketch, that does not directly include Donald Trump, includes Trump live-tweeting the scene and is poking fun of his live tweeting during the Democratic Debate that took place on Oct. 13.

The show later featured a Hotline Bling parody and sadly those who watched will never be able to unsee when Trump, who had the role of Tax Guy, started to sing and dance.

After airing the Saturday Night Live episode featuring Donald Trump, NBC is now obligated to also offer other GOP candidates equal air time as applied in the Federal Communications Commission’s equal-time rule.

Let us hope that if other GOP candidates do ask for equal air time, they stay away from corny dances that may cause all of us physical discomfort.