True Life of a Thug: Nov. 13, 2015

The daily life of Dasey Berrueta


November 13, 2015

I know everyone has that one neighbor who throws parties every week. I have like two of them and they both decided to have a party the same night. It was around 11 PM and I was in my room trying to finish all the homework I received today. It’s like my teachers all came together and decided to ruin my weekend and pile up on homework. So as I started my homework, I opened my window so I could get fresh air. Music was coming from two directions and I had a hard time concentrating. Not because it was bugging me but because I sang along to almost every song that played. On top of that, I was watching Grey’s Anatomy while doing homework. It was no problem. I didn’t mind the music but once the clock hit 2 AM it was a different story. I’m sure they had a little too much to drink and didn’t know how to act. The music wasn’t even playing loud anymore all you heard was them yelling and being obnoxiously loud. I tried closing my window but that didn’t work. I opened it back up and went back to doing homework. I was just joking around on Twitter saying they had five minutes until I was going to call the police for a noise complaint. I wasn’t the only one being bothered by them. Turns out my other neighbors were too so we just starting talking about it. It was all a joke, I wasn’t really going to call anyone. I just want to know why they have a party almost every week. I’ll just wait and see if I ever get invited. Their party died down around three, which by then I had already given up on my homework and decided I’d finish it later. It is currently 3:36 AM and I’m off to bed.