Five Most Commonly Chosen New Year’s Resolutions

Stephen Buchanan, Video Editor In-Chief

At the start of each new year many people have wishes and goals whether it’s saving money, going to the gym, or eating healthier. These wishes/goals are known as resolutions and they’re not that uncommon to have! In fact, so many people make New Years Resolutions that this is about the Five most commonly chosen New Year’s Resolutions by people. To start with in the number 5 spot is “Something for Self Care”, which is not an uncommon goal to have everyone wants to devote time to some self care, maybe meditating or yoga. In spot Number 4 is “Eat Healthier in General” which is also not uncommon because people say they are going to start eating healthier all the time and then don’t, I admire their belief that they can eat healthier for an entire year.┬áIn the third spot we have “Save Money” which is also not uncommon to hear, almost everyone wants to save money sometimes this is a goal that’s even made outside of New Year’s Resolutions. In the second spot is “Diet to Lose Weight” which is heard all the time everywhere! There are even diets that are well-known such as but not limited to: Keto, Detox, and Atkins. A lot of people make this a goal to overall better their life. And at the number one spot is “Exercise to Get in Shape” which is also not uncommon to see. This goal is made also outside if New Year’s Resolutions and an extremely common goal for people to make, which can be seen by the numerous amount of gyms and workout equipment ads seen on the internet and in society! These are the five most common New Year’s Resolutions made by typical people looking to set a goal for themselves. If you had to make a New Year’s Resolution what would you make?