Baseball is Here!

Cody Bowling

Everyone is sad because the football season is over, but we all know what comes next: baseball! Baseball is back and is coming fast. February 17th is the first day that all pitchers and catchers will report.

Why is this so exciting? Well, spring training is right around the corner and all the teams will be playing right here in Arizona. Teams from your very own Diamondbacks and the Dodgers, to the Kansas City Royals, to the Milwaukee Brewers also play here right here in Arizona.

For cheaper Spring Training games, there are games right around the corner. You can get tickets to go to the Cincinnati Reds and the Cleveland Indians in Glendale from prices as cheap as $3.00 each! Now that’s crazy!

If you are a baseball fan then you will jump on these prices as soon as you can. Spring Training is the best deals to go see your favorite teams out in action right here in your home state for a cheap price. If you’re lucky, then you might be able to catch a few balls or even a few autographs.