Stop The Hate. Don’t Discriminate.

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Zoe Soto, Staff

Racial discrimination online has grown and nothing is being done about it. Of course, there’s the choice to block people but what good will that do? Teachers, students and even children are affected by racial discrimination it is easy to do to someone else due to the advances in technology.

In schools, there are plenty of people who are different races. More than one have been affected by racial discrimination online, while using social media. The government needs to enforce laws and give consequences for people who are taking part in racial discrimination.

As life goes on, there are many things that say the same. Throughout every generation, people still need air, water and companionship. One thing that stays the same but is affecting a lot of people negatively is racial discrimination. A student at La Joya Community High School said that racial discrimination should be very punishable. There are many of people who are hurt by this.

“Although I have not been racially discriminated myself, I have seen what it can do to other people and how it can affect their life,” said Jazmine Gonzales, a student at La Joya.

Racial discrimination against people can ruin lives. With technology advances, it’s ten times easier to discriminate towards people due to their race. The average person has at least two social media accounts.

Mrs. Williams, a teacher, at La Joya  was asked how racial discrimination affects her and she said, ” I think it’s just affected my spirit, not necessarily or particularly me. But it does and it makes me sad for myself, for my family, and for my children just knowing that I honestly don’t believe it will ever go away.”

The effects are in the hundreds with this issue. Racial discrimination can lead to low self-esteem or low confidence. It can affect how a person looks at another race or life and it can make people do crazy things. Racially discriminating people can be harmful to the victim and harmful to the person discriminating. This issue is huge and affects thousands of people.

“With this being a huge issue, we should be doing something about it. I think this is such a problem due to the fact that everyone is getting hurt from racial discrimination. We all see it but we don’t do anything about it. It’s just going to continue to be passed down through out time,” said Jazmine. “Unfortunately, I’ve racially discriminated someone and living with that burden has really made me want to change my life. I believe I racially discriminated someone to make me feel better about myself. I get it didn’t work out.”

Racial discrimination affects everyone from the one discriminating to the one being discriminated. It can have a huge toll on how a person views of life. Racially discriminating someone can affect a person’s confidence level and their self-esteem. Having to live with the burden of being the cause of this was hard for Jazmine. How hard would it be to live with the burden of making someone feel less of a person because of race? That’s how the Holocaust started. That’s how some wars have begun. Racial discrimination is affecting everyone. Stop the hate and don’t discriminate.


(Some names were changed to keep speakers anonymous.)