Cop or Drop: Supreme FW17 Collection


Michael Enero, Staff

Have you ever bought shoes or clothes just because others have? For some La Joya students, they are on the hunt for the new Fall/Winter collection from streetwear fashion juggernaut Supreme. With hype at its highest point, millions around the world spends hundreds of dollars on their products while those fortunate enough to live near their stores line up for hours in the sun, with hopes of copping expensive hoodies or shirts. Known for odd items and statements, Supreme is releasing a cash paperweight, sake set, and chopsticks. Nigel Minani, staff at Highsnobiety, stated, “The one thing I really need to get, the one thing I can’t miss and gonna cop for sure: the sake set. Another avid buyer, Roman Vespucci, stated, “The drop looks really dope for this catalog, I’m really hoping to get the Nas box logo shirt, or at least the Cordura Shoulder Bag.”



Doing a limited release, most buyers will resell at crazy markups on online markets such as eBay and Grailed. You will see their hoodies go for upwards of $500 and their shirts go for three times their retail price of $40. Notable pieces of the season’s collection are Supreme x Vanson Leather Bones Jacket, 100 Dollar Bill Trucker Jacket, Scarface™ Embroidered Leather Jacket, and much more. Regarding skating, a controversial Blood and Semen Skateboard and Supreme/Spitfire wheels will be releasing. For accessories and bags, they’re also releasing Leopard Fleece backpacks and waist bags, Supreme/Nike/NBA Shooting Sleeves, and even an all white Supreme/Fender Stratocaster with rumors costing more than $1000 retail. La Joya student Austin Salazar stated, “Some of the resell prices are crazy this season, but this is expected for such a hyped brand like Supreme.” Many are also excited for the release of the Nasty Nas t-shirt, featuring hip-hop icon Nas wearing a Supreme Box Logo tee. With many hyped pieces selling out in the matter of seconds, will you be copping any pieces from the years Fall/Winter collection of Supreme?