Fear farm


Liliana Sanchez, Copy Editor

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It is October and that time of the year has come once again. The season is filled with fresh air and a great time to get scared. Fear Farm has officially opened for the season and is already attracting many to the scene.

Many people who come out to Fear farm every year, can experience all the attractions they have, including the haunted hayride and the corn maze. Fear farm is a fun place to go out on a Friday night and hang out with a group of friends. Going to Fear farm with a group of friends is way better than going individual, unless you like getting scared. The corn maze is their main attraction that has many clowns and monsters hiding, who pop out of nowhere to scare the people.

Fear farm also has other things than just getting scared with the corn maze. They sell food, which included funnel cakes. When asked about what they think about Fear farm, Junior Kevin Hernandez said, ” I think fear farm is a perfect example of halloween spirit, it creates an environment where one can experience something ferrying with friends”. Others enjoy going to Fear farm because of october, as senior Michael Silva said, “I think it is a cool experience to celebrate the month of October”.

Fear farm is one of the places to go during the month of October because of Halloween. Senior Beatriz Hernandez said, “I’ve never actually been to fear farm, but it is somewhere I would like to go and experience”. Fear farm last for the whole month of October and has special events that are held on specific days.

One of the famous clowns at Fear far

Fear farm has different monsters and not just clowns

Part of the Fear farm logo

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