How To Avoid Getting Hit By A Car (word count, pictures)

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Since the beginning of the school year at least  2 people got injured on campus. So there clearly needs to be a safety rule check for everyone. To make sure that everyone will be alive for their graduation.

 Be Aware Of Your Surroundings

This seems too obvious but being on your phone or on your headphones could mean life or death. That tweet or snap could wait until you get off the road.



Use A Crosswalk

They’re there for a reason. don’t be lazy and not use one because it’s too far. if anything tragic does happen you’re in a better position legally then if you weren’t in one.

See What The Car Next Move Is 

It is important as you the pedestrian and they as the driver to have a mutual understanding of each other. You don’t know if the driver is crazy or don’t understanding.

What Being Injured Feels Like

“Being Injured  on an opened campus, isn’t exactly fun,but I gotten plenty of help from friends , Family and fellow students” Christen Deadwyler, junior.

If your recovering you could feel a bit unstable and weak for a while. So it’s important to have family members or  friends to help you recover.

Follow The Doctors Orders 

Make sure that if you’re in cruches you always use them. If you were prescribed a certain pain medication you take the right amounts. If you are in a hospital bed don’t think about the bill or how behind you are in class.

Remember, Be Safe! 




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