Artists in Quarantine

Victoria talks about being an artist while stuck at home because of COVID-19.

Roman Sierra Rafael, Staff

I had the chance to sit down with Victoria Campillo, a senior this year, and talk to her about being an art student while stuck in quarantine.

Victoria Campillo, Senior

The type of art that I do [include]: Landscape, kinda self-portrait, portraits, mythical- fantasy, detailing, and realism art” said Victoria Campillo.

Victoria loves to draw and uses art as a way to escape real life. She’s been an art student since sophomore year but quickly advanced from Art 1-2 to 3-4 in that same year. Now, she’s in AP studio art.

The steps I have to take is 1) brainstorming. Brainstorming is the most important. Where we have to write down our ideas, and we have to pull references or inspirations to know what we are going to be drawing. Then, I do a rough draft of what I’m going to be drawing. After that, I do my final draft where I put in more details and try to fix any imperfections.” said Victoria.

This is Victoria’s current project and her brainstorming prowess.

Victoria and many other art students have to get assignments from their teachers online. Her teacher is Mrs. Lauletta, and she gives assignments and references on what websites to go to and where to get inspiration from.

She shows us videos and different way to do things, like she will show us and example of an art student or college student who has their work perfect. She teaches us new things and how to do it” said Victoria.

Victoria later adds that people don’t get inspired that easily. They have to look for other sources or references. In Victoria’s case, she turns to other genres of art.

Music is my biggest source. It also helps me with stress and anxiety, and it gives me inspiration and new ideas. Mainly, I listen to Mexican, Country, a little bit of Rap, and Heavy Metal music. Movies, TV shows, or magazines also give me new ideas on what to draw.” Victoria added.

A problem art students face is the shortage of art supplies. Usually, school would provide the tools necessary for them to their work. But since school is closed due to COVID-19, some students might not have the money to complete art projects that require particular art tools.

When school can’t provide the art supplies we need, we have to go to the store and buy it. Sometimes they do provide the stuff that we need in the art class. Which is pretty great!” said Victoria.

One of Victoria’s beautiful art pieces.

Victoria wanted to leave a message to people who are in art or people who are considering taking an art class.

Don’t be afraid to take chances and risks. You don’t have to be perfect all the time. I understand how they [teachers] push us to be perfect and being careful with detailing, but just have fun… just be yourself.” said Victoria