Latinx Club

Movie Day for Latinx Club!

Yadira Romero Garcia, staff

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This event took place on Monday, September 14, 2020 along with makeup tutorial, Dr. Fomeche is also known as Sra. Locker was the Creator of the Latinx club.

“I wanted to share a glimpse of culture for any person in our school community that might be interested,” said Sra. Locker when asking why she wanted to teach about Latinx culture.

During this event, Sra Locker show a movie called “Under the Same Moon” which is about a  Single mother  leaves her young son  in the care of his grandmother and illegally crosses the border into the U.S. Though she hopes to eventually make a better life for herself and her son, she toils in a dead-end job as a cleaning lady in Los Angeles. When Carlitos’ grandmother passes away some years later, the boy begins a difficult and dangerous journey to join her.

” Age-appropriate and current issue,” said Sra Locker when asking why she chose this movie

In the beginning of the movie, students was not really interested in the movie at all. But as we get to the middle of the movie students were asking a lot of question about the boy and the mother.

” The mom wanted a better lives for her son” said Sra Locker when student ask why the son couldn’t go with his mom.