Connecting the Pack at La Joya Community High School

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Connecting the Pack at La Joya Community High School

Eye of the Lobo

Connecting the Pack at La Joya Community High School

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Activities to Enjoy With Family and Friends During The Christmas Holidays

Great family and friend activities!
Monopoly Card Edition
Monopoly Card Edition

The Christmas holidays are approaching and thus being one of the most popular holidays around the world, many people worldwide travel to visit family and to spend time with their friends. They may go out and build snowman if they have snow or in town to visit their local “Santa”. However, due to events happening around the world, primarily Covid-19, most of the world has been advised to social distance from each other’s friends,families, and mainly people in general as much as possible. This means that many of these events, especially those being for outside, have been mostly cancelled. However, there are some things you can still do with your family or small group of friends.

Monopoly Card Edition

The first activities are board games. Board games are essential to having fun with your family as many of these board games can keep you entertained for hours and hours. One board game to mention, particularly my favorite, would be Monopoly. As many of you previously know, Monopoly is a board game where the player with the most money or buisnesses win. There are many different versions of Monopoly such as the traditional “run around the board” type or even the “modern” monoploy with credit cards and different card options.

Among Us

The next activity could be gaming or online gaming in general. The recently popular gaming, “Among Us”, is great for gaming with your friends and family. Following 10 players on a ship, 1-3 of the players are “imposters” and the rest are “crewmates”. The crewmates must find out and vote out who these imposters are before they kill everyone else on the ship. Games like these can often help train one’s deductive skills. As you play more and more with specific friends and family, the more decisive you become which could heavily benefit you later on. Ask your friends or family next time, to try some “Among Us”.

“I like to play Among Us alot with my friends, it’s actually one of my favorite games.” – Mikal Howard

The final activity could be just starting up a new hobby in general. This one could include alot of personal time such as: catching up on your room, planning for what you might need to do or what you want to do later on, or just enjoying some alone time. Many people  socialize with others nationally during the Christmas vacation, but unfortunately due to safety precautions, many of us must avoid each other. Finding a new hobby to keep you occupied is extremely helpful or even just working on

Alone on Christmas

yourself, mentally, physically, and emotionally can permanetly positively affect you.

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